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How To Start A College Essay Perfectly

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The first paragraph also kept the focus on me. Students very often start essays talking about others because they find it difficult to talk about themselves.

Remember that the reader wants to know about your child. Your child will have opportunities to focus on others elsewhere in their essays and throughout their application.

And no part of your child’s college essays will be more important to get right than their introductions. Now, imagine how many applicants write similarly weak college essays every year—and how easy they make it for admissions committee members to reject them. I wrote incredibly cliché college essays when I applied to college—the first time—during my senior year of high school.

Moreover, admissions committee members tell me that they pay extra attention to college essays that are written so engagingly that they interrupt their routine from the first sentence. Most college admissions committee members that I’ve spoken with tell me that they read hundreds of college essays during each admissions cycle. Nevertheless, I want to reassure your child that there are systematic approaches to writing great college essays.

How To Write A College Essay Introduction That Wows Admissions Committees

You know most of the things you need to say already. To accomplish this goal, start your essay with a provocative statement that implies there is more to be learned about the topic, and that reading the essay is going to deliver that information. ” This establishes a forward momentum, right at the top, that will then sweep the reader along, through everything that follows.